【Brannen Brothers 代言人暨長笛演奏家 Ivy Chuang 首張合作演奏專輯 】《俄羅斯經典》



*莊雪華現為手工長笛大廠Brannen Brothers品牌代言人。





香港 Kinderland Studio現場販售

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New debut album from Ivy Chuang, flutist and Brannen Brothers Artist, now in stores

*Russian Classics, featuring flute sonatas by Prokofiev and Taktakishvili *

Proficient with both the flute and piccolo, Ivy Chuang has emerged as one of the most sought after performers in recent years. In addition to her lyrical phrasing and delicate narration, Ivy is also acclaimed for her remarkable diversity of tone colors, with notes in the higher register sounding clean and crystal clear, while those in the middle to low registers exuding warmth and sophistication, all of which are evident in this recording of Prokofiev’s sonata.

In the other sonata by Taktakishvili which is, by contrast, a lively piece composed in folk style, Ivy showcases her stylistic versatility by switching to a completely different mood expressed with an unconventional imagination of sound. A culmination of ardent dedication and seamless collaboration with pianist Ya-Wen Wang, Russian Classics is definitely an album to be relished.

Ivy Chuang is an official artist of Brannen Brothers, renowned makers of professional, handmade flutes and head joints known for their warm, elegant timbre. This album is recorded on a 19.5K Rose Gold Brannen, whose exquisite, silky-smooth timbre could be heard throughout the performance.

Russian Classics is now available in the following markets:

* Taiwan *

Major record retailers including Books.com.tw, Eslite etc. from Jan 22 onwards
Price: NT$450

* Hong Kong *

Available in-store at Kinderland Studio
Price: HK$120

For online purchases or other enquiries, please contact   TRIO Music on Facebook directly.